18-carat diamond ring lost on beach as romantic marriage proposal goes wrong

18-carat diamond ring lost on beach as romantic marriage proposal goes wrong

The pair spent the evening searching the beach at Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, for the engagement ring rather than celebrating their upcoming nuptials

A couple have been left devastated when a romantic proposal on a seafront ended with the a lost diamond engagement ring.

Scott Green had planned a big proposal to his partner Sky Dowdall but when it came to asking “Will you marry me?” the ring was no where to be found.

Scott was so upset when he realised what had happened, the couple had to retrace their steps at the Cleethorpes seafront in Lincolnshire but have still not found the lost ring.

Sky told Grimsby Live : “My partner took me out on November 27 as it was my birthday on the 28. I had absolutely no idea what he had planned.

“We went to Sea View Street in Cleethorpes for a meal and then some cocktails afterwards.

“Then he asked if I wanted a walk down the beach on the way to a different bar in the town centre.

“So we did, then we were walking along and I noticed he wasn’t next to me anymore, only to turn round for him to be on one knee.

“He poured his heart out to me and then went to get the ring out his jacket pocket to ask me to marry him, for it not to be there.”

“As you can imagine he was so upset. We spent the next hour or so tracing our footsteps but we couldn’t find the ring,” Sky added.

“The only time I’ve seen the ring he bought was in the photo.

“We are both still gutted he lost it – he’s more upset as he had everything planned for it not to happen.”

Sky said Scott saved up his wages for months to buy the 18-carat diamond ring.

Just a couple of days later – after having no luck finding the original ring – he bought another and asked Sky once again to marry him.

He spelled out the words ‘Marry me’ with rose petals surrounded by candles on the floor of their home.

Sky said: “A couple of days after, he went to town and bought me another ring and finally asked me to marry him.

“I think the way he did it was so cute.”