Britain’s ‘most prolific mistress’ says she’s got 3 new married lovers for Christmas

Britain’s ‘most prolific mistress’ says she’s got 3 new married lovers for Christmas

A cheating widow branded Britain’s most prolific mistress claims she has three new married lovers on the go – who all call her their “little Christmas distraction.”

Gweneth Lee, 49, says she will go on illicit dates with her latest beaus before and after the festive break as they juggle time with their families.

She said she is having “more affairs than ever before” as everyone has been locked up for too long and now are after some fun.

“‘Tis the season to be cheating,” she said.

Businesswoman Ms Lee, from Chelsea, West London, whose husband Robert died of cancer in 2011, has had affairs with more than 100 married men after meeting them on dating website “Illicit Encounters”.

And to celebrate Christmas, she has even posed for a highly stylised photoshoot at the Dollhouse Studios in Birmingham – donning outfits her lovers like her to wear, such as a dominatrix, pilot and lingerie model.

“I’d be lying if I said that the last two years have not been tough with the restrictions, but we are back to semi-normal again now and I am having the time of my life,” she said.

“Christmas and New Year definitely brings out the naughty side in the men that I meet. They are keen to enjoy some passion before being locked up at home with their families for a week.

“I have been enjoying some delicious sex as we all get ready to break up for Christmas.

“My perfect date is sex at one of one of London’s five star hotels, a Christmas shopping trip to Bond Street and my favourite designer stores such as Gucci, and then dinner at one of the capital’s Michelin starred restaurants.

“It is always best to do the sex first because it is so much more exciting when you are fresh and not tired from shopping and bloated from dinner.”

The three men she is seeing this year are an airline pilot, a hedge fund manager and an entrepreneur.

She said: “They are all married and have absolutely no intention of leaving their wives. I am their little Christmas distraction.

“They have all been married a long time and, let’s face it, sex gets boring when you are sleeping with the same person for decade after decade.

“People stop making the effort and the sex becomes routine. I make sure that sex is never boring – for me, it is always an event and something to be celebrated.

“One of my lovers is a pilot who I have been seeing since the summer and he lives in Sussex with his family near Gatwick Airport. He does a lot of overnight stays in cities around the world and I am his London girl.

“He loves a woman in a uniform so I got the pilot pictures in my shoot done especially for him. That outfit drives him crazy.

“The second is a hedge fund manager worth several millions. He divides his time between the family home in a village in Berkshire and his flat in the Barbican in central London.

“He has lots of lovers and his wife turns a blind eye to his affairs. He can do as he pleases when he is at his flat.

Ms Lee said her pilot lover holds the attitude of “what goes on in London, stays in London”.

“I have been seeing him since the autumn and we are meeting at his flat early in the New Year to celebrate 2022 with a bang!” she said.

“My third lover has several businesses and his family live in rural Warwickshire. He travels to London a lot for business and that is when he sees me and other women.

“He enjoys kinky sex but his wife is not interested any more. He has lots of bondage gear which he likes us to use together. He went to boarding school and his favourite scenario is where I dominate him as a strict headmistress who has caught him being naughty.”

Ms Lee began using the dating site when she was married to her late oil trader husband Robert, who was also a serial cheat and was also using IllicitEncounters to have affairs.

She said: “I found out what he was up to and thought: ‘If I cannot beat him, I will join him. After he died I didn’t want another husband and affairs suit me. You don’t get all the tedium and bad sex that inevitably accompanies a long-term relationship.”

IllicitEncounters sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni said: “Gweneth is typical of the well educated, sophisticated women having affairs on the site this Christmas.

“They seek out a niche site like ours because they want to meet rich men who come with absolutely no baggage or expectations of a relationship. They just want great sex and a good time and Gweneth delivers that in spades.”